Rayat Shikshan Sanstha's


Established Year : 1962

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University - Uni. ID. No. P.U./A.N./C./05(1962) Junior College Code : 12.14.002

NAAC Re-accredited "A" Grade - UGC 2F & 12B Certificate

Competitive Examinations Guidance Centre


Competitive Examinations Guidance Centre was established for coaching the students to compete for different examinations. Competitive Examination Guidance Centre is our notable practice. The facility aided the students to prepare for national and state level examinations on the campus itself. Since a arge section of student group comprises of girls, they have both regular classes and competitive examination preparation opportunity within the campus. The college runs the centre at affordable fees as most of the students hail from middle and lower middle class. The students get an opportunity to achieve the success. Since ours is a single faculty commerce college, most of the students aspires to be the C.A./ C.S. so they apper for C.A./C.S. and Banking Examination. Our efforts are to attract students or M.P.S.C. exmas.


Competitive Examinations Guidance Committee 2018-19

Sr. No. Name of the Teachers Position
1 Prin. Dr. L. D. Bhor Chairmen
2 Mr. M.A. Kekane Co-ordinator
3 Mr. V.B. Nagpure Member
4 Mr. V. M. More Member
5 Mr. G. B. Zagare Member
6 Mr. S. A. Mahale Member


Objectives :

  • To create awareness about banking, Insurance, RRB and SSC, recruitment process.
  • To offer guidance on Banking, Insurance, RRB and SSC.
  • To guide the students for RBI Assistant/ RRB officers examination
  • To provide study facility to students with Computer laboratory.
  • To provide subject-wise guidance programme.
  • To coduct mock interview.
  • To provide to the students appearing for C.A./C.S. examinations.


Facilities :

The centre consists of separate reading hall, free internet facility and required basic amenities. The capacity of study hall is one hundred. The study hall remains open on all working days from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm. The centre provides class room teaching by experts in the respective domain. The students are provided with books, magazines, newspapers and computers with free internet. The centre also provides opportunity for the students to interact with previous successful candidates. The students selected through IBPS are felicitated by the college in order to inspire the present aspirants. The students are also benefited by live lectures broadcast by Rayat Shikshan Sanstha through video conferencing.

The Practice :

The information regarding all the events undertaken is provided to the students through notices, prospectus, flex, website and advertisements in newspaper in the month of July every year.

The Centre runs the basic foundation courses on syllabi of IBPS at various levels. The students are selected through entrance examination. Regular lectures of faculty and officers are organised. Students are enrolled for IBPS batches at very low fees. For IBPS students, online tests are being conducted in Oct/Nov. every year.


Future Plans :

  1. To enhance success rate of students
  2. To start center of Professional courses.
  3. To encourages students to appear for M.P.S.C/ U.P.S.C  examination

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