Rayat Shikshan Sanstha's


Established Year : 1962

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University - Uni. ID. No. P.U./A.N./C./05(1962) Junior College Code : 12.14.002

NAAC Re-accredited "A" Grade - UGC 2F & 12B Certificate

Policy Document :

The institution has sufficient resources allocated for the maintenance of the infrastructure. PHYSICAL AND ACADEMIC FACILITIES The College has been upgrading its infrastructure during the last five years with a new building and elevator. The infrastructural amenities are timely upgraded and properly maintained.

There is a Planning Committee constituted solely for this purpose. To meet the quality standards and needs, the IQAC as well as the College Council makes proposals for infrastructure development to the Planning Committee chaired by the Principal. The College's the infrastructure facilities such as classrooms, laboratories, library, common amenities like girls' common room, indoor and outdoor game facilities, etc. are utilized optimally.

  • General Maintenance : The office maintains register(s) to record the complaints related to AC, furniture, fixtures, plumbing, electrical work, etc. Depending upon the nature of the complaints, the majority of them are resolved by the in-house staff. If required, the experts from outside agencies are called. Annual Maintenance Contracts are signed for AC, Lifts, Pest Control, Water Purification and Coolers. Some software is also under AMC like LMS Vriddhi, Computer Maintenance, Xerox Machine, UPS, etc. Library 
  • Library shall cater to the academic and co-curricular needs of the students and staff 
  • Library shall help its users to locate, select and acquire the information needed 
  • Staff Members and Students can access the Library facilities and can borrow books, Magazines, periodicals, CD_ROM and other materials as per the rules for each category. Library shall be accessible to the ex-students after formalities and payment of charges as stipulated from time to time.
  • Laboratory : The maintenance of the laboratory is managed by the Laboratory Assistant under the supervision of the HOD/coordinator. They are required to maintain an inventory of the equipment and carry out Annual Stock checking and withdrawal/Scrap. Repairs and maintenance are handled as per the common policy of the college.
  • IT Infrastructure :  each year, the IT support staffs have to carry out preventive maintenance (such as servicing, cleaning, formatting, updating antivirus software etc) of the IT equipment. The problems faced by the department and staff members should be reported to the technical staff using Google form which is updated when the complaints are solved. Use of common LCD’s/Laptops for lectures should be recorded in the log book Sports Rayat Sankul college ground is common for all Institutes under the Rayat Sankul umbrella. Each Institute has to plan their activities in advance and book the ground the entire procedure of booking is handled Rayat Kirda Sankul Committee. Students are not allowed to use indoor sports facility while his/her lectures or practical sessions are in progress. 
  • Indoor sports facilities shall not be provided during the examination period. The Gymkhana is closed one week prior to the semester-end examination.