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Our college popularly known as "C. D. Jain College" is one of the flourishing branch of the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha. It is located at Shrirampur which is a new township, developed and progressed basically as a business town. From 1940 to 1960 it was nationally known as "Gur" market and from 1960s as a "Sugar" Market. It has rail and road links with other major towns and cities. A number of sugar factories and small industries has sprouted in the vicinity. Businessmen of varied religions have flocked to this town and therefore it has a cosmopolitan. This town is now becoming famous for its hospitals and various medical services. The local traders and intelligentsia naturally felt the need of a college imparting commerce education. Rayat Shikshan Sanstha took an appropriate decision in June 1962 and established a single faculty Commerce College at Shrirampur.


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(From 11th Std. to Ph.D. in Commerce)
Features :
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty Research Centre in Commerce.
  • University recognized M.Phil + Ph.D. Guides
  • Well equipped computer centre
  • Rich library with large no. of books, journals, periodicals etc.
  • Conduct of certificate course, Professional Education Course accredited by with the Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi is laudable.
  • Competition Examination Center helps the students by preparing them to appear in MPSC and Banking examinations.
  • Encouragement given to the students to acquire additional qualifications related to their studies such as Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM).
  • To help rural studentsing the use of computers are persuaded to undergo computer application course or other certificate courses in the subject.
  • The college conducts seminars / conferences almost every year on various current issues relvant to the business and commerce.
  • Several faculty members are in the Boards of Studies of the University.
  • The college maintains good connection with the NGOs. The Special Center of Ahmednagar arranged in the campus "Entrepreneurship Development Programme" for new aspirants among the students.
  • When the Central Budget is presented, the college arranges discussion on it for enlightening students and the public on budget proposal.
  • Earn and Learn Scheme is effectively implemented. Many students are benefited by the scheme.
  • Commerce Laboratory is an innovative mechanism whereby students are rendered practical and useful information on different types of documents used in industrial and commercial transactions.
  • The alumni profile is very high and includes prominent personalities not only in business and commerce but also in administration, politics contracting, banking education etc.
  • Several teachers have written text books in various subjects.
  • Career Oriented Courses in Marking, Banking and Office Automation.