Rayat Shikshan Sanstha's


Established Year : 1962

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University - Uni. ID. No. P.U./A.N./C./05(1962) Junior College Code : 12.14.002

NAAC Re-accredited "A" Grade - UGC 2F & 12B Certificate

The Best Practice - Texpert

  • TeXpert program is fully organized by the students and funds are collected
    through the sponsorship from stake holders and society.
  • The students from BBA(CA) design all the required banners, sign boards,
    symbols and stage decorations with their innovative ideas.
  • Students visits many colleges in the district and convince academic faculty and
    students to participate in the events.
  • TeXpert includes Poster presentation, Extempore, Aptitude test, Add mad show, C programming, Quiz competition and Game zone.
  • TeXpert enhances the interest of students in the field of information technology. The event is open to all the students from various colleges.
  • The students from all streams can participate & choose the event according
    to their interest.


  • To create technical environment in campus
  • To encourage the con?dence among students
  • To cultivate practical and marketing approach among the students
  • To develop event management skills

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  • TeXpert popularize the ICT among the students.
  • It creates healthy competition among the students to create & share innovative ideas & thoughts.
  • Improves communication skills & increase con?dence level of the students.
  • Improves the skill of event management and imbibes humanizing environment among students.
  • Bond between mentor and students is strengthened.


BBA(CA) students participated in
Technical Competition held at JSPM College, Pune

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Mr. Mayank Sing
Won First Prize in Paper Presentation at IMS College, Ahmednagar (2016-17) he also selected in Avishkar District Level Competition for Second Round in 2018-19 held by Pune University.

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Mr. Pardeshi Pratik
won second prize in Quiz competition at PIRANS (2016-17).

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Mr. Barhate Omkar
won third prize in Quiz competition at PIRANS (2016-17)

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Received ‘Best College Participation Trophy’
I. M. S. College, Ahmednagar on Fest-Der-Tech 2016 District Level Competition