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Seminar On GST 2017

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1Arun Ramakant Marathe And Dr. Mrs. Patgaonkar M. S.Taxation System In India: GST As New Avenue To Strengthen Tax Revenue
2Asst. Prof. Dinesh G. Shelke And Asst. Prof. Kavita P. RevgadeImpact of GST on Indian Economy
3Prof. Aswale Santosh RadhakisanGST-One Nation One Tax
4Avinash Chandarrao KadamEntering The Age of GST
5V. H. BhoirImpact of GST on Wholesale And Retail Trade
6CA. Nikhil Bharat GoyalOffences And Penalties Under GST
7Dr. S. R. BakhaleOne Nation - One Tax (GST)
8Prof. Dr. Balsaheb BawakePoliticization of Goods and Services Tax (GST)
9Prof. Dr. Gadhe D. P.Study of Goods and Services Tax Council | GST
10Miss. Jagtap Mangal B. And Dr. Gholap Adinath R.Goods and Services Tax (GST) : it's Advantages & Disadvantages
11Dr. Sanjay B. ShindeChallenges for Implementing GST System and Tax Slab Rates in India
12Prin. Dr. K. H. Shinde And Mr. Pravin S. JadhavGST Worldwide
13Mr. Riyazkhan H. Attar And Dr. G.H BarhateInception & Implementation Of GST In India
14Dr. Dattatraya T. ChavareA Descriptive Study On GST In India
15Dr. Shrish Nana GawaliGST : Impact and Challenges
16Prof. Mrs. Gujar Pornima SachinGST a Boon or Bane for a Common Citizen
17Dr. Kakade Shivaji MurlidharImpact of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on Indian Economy
18Dr. D. K. Mote And Miss. Neelam Bharat GoyalImpact of GST on Indian Economy
19Dr. Vijay B. BairagiImpact of GST on Indian Economic
20Dr. Harsha Bharat GoyalOne Nation One Tax: GST
21Prof. Dr. Kadhane Rekha AppasahebDual GST Meaning, Provision and its Applicability
22Smt. Khandre Swapnali Ramesh And Dr.Rajendra BhosaleGST Impact on India's Foreign Trade
23Prof.Lande R.D. And Prof. Pushkar JoshiGST :-One Tax In One Nation
24Prof. Dr. Nighot B. B.Taxable Person under GST and It's Registration
25Prof. Pathan A.K.Impacts of GST on IT
26Prof. Pradip S. YadavThe Effect of GST on Small Entrepreneurs In India
27Prof. Prakash DeshpandeImpact of GST on Economy and Business
28Asst. Prof. Kulkarni S.V. And Asst. Prof. Datir K.R.Positive and negative Impact of GST on the businesses and consumers
29Prof. Nagpure V.B And Prof. Vivek M MoreA Study Of Impact Of GST In Indian Economy
30Prof. Ramrao DeshmukhGST as a boon for Indian Economy
31Prof. Rupali S. UndeGST Advantage And Disadvantage
32Prof. Sasane S.D. And Prof. Sayyed S.B.Basic concepts, Objectives, challenges and benefits of Goods and Service Tax in India
33Asst. Prof. Mrs. Sandhya K. Salve And Dr. Mrs. Patgaonkar M. S.Impact of GST on Insurance Industry
34Prin. Dr. Kalhapure G. B. And Prof. Mengal S. G.Advantages & Limitations of GST on Indian Economy
35Prof. Shaikh S.D.Impact of Goods and Services Tax on NGOs
36Prof. Shashikant Madhukar TajanePros & Cons of GST (Goods & Service Tax)
37Shinde Vijaykumar GulabraoA Comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based tax : GST
38Smt. Suvarna S. WalikarGST and Retail Sector in India
39Dr. Mousmi Bhandari (Dudhedia) And Prof. Sunita S. ThubeGST A Boost To The Indian Economy
40Pawar Sushil Dnyaneshwer And Uday N KharadkarImpact of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on Indian Economy
41Dr. Tupe B.G. And Dr. L. D. BhorAnalysis of GST & Impact of Service and Good Sectors
42Sri. Vivekanand A. UghadeRole Of Information Technology In Implementation Of GST
43Dr. Rajendra P. KalamkarGoods and Service Tax: Worldwide
44Mr. Devidas MukeGoods and Services Tax in India: An Overview
45Dr. Ghotekar D.B.GST ? Boost the Development of Indian Economy