Rayat Shikshan Sanstha's


Established Year : 1962

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University - Uni. ID. No. P.U./A.N./C./05(1962) Junior College Code : 12.14.002

NAAC Re-accredited "A" Grade - UGC 2F & 12B Certificate


Sr. No.




12013-14Prin. Dr. Bhor L.D. &Mr. More V.M.Student Initiation And Participation In Innovative Practices: Rural College
22013-14Dr. Adik B.R.Inflation And RBI Policy
32013-14Dr. Adik B.R. & Miss. Gujar P.S.Impact Of Changes In General Agriculture Productivity In India
42013-14Dr. Adik B.R. & Mr. Tupe B.G.Bhartatil Shetmalachi Utpadakta
52013-14Dr. Adik B.R. & Mr. Tupe B.G.Consultancy Services In Agro Processing And Agro Business
62013-14Dr. Adik B.R. & Miss.Gujar P.S.Challenge Of Socially Useful Research In Commerce And Business
72013-14Dr. Adik B.R. & Miss. Jagtap M.B.Inflation
82013-14Dr. Barhate G.H.E-Banking Technology And Iranian Public Sector Bank
92013-14Dr. Barhate G.H.Productivity Of Sugarcane: And Overview
102013-14Dr. Barhate G.H.Privatization Of Higher Education In India
112013-14Dr. Barhate G.H.Emerging Trends An Prospects In Derivatives Market In India
122013-14Dr. Barhate G.H.Research And Research Ethics
132013-14Dr. Barhate G.H.A Guideline for PH.D./M.Phil. Synopsis
142013-14Dr. Barhate G.H.Self-Employment In Commerce
152013-14Dr. Gawali S.N.The Impact Of FDI On Indian Manufacturing Industries
162013-14Dr. Gawali S.N.Recent Research Trends In Human Resource Management
172013-14Dr. Gawali S.N.Role Of Financial Services In Indian Economy
182013-14Dr. Gawali S.N.Challenges Before Co-Operative Sugar Industries In Maharashtra
192013-14Dr. Gawali S.N.Inflation In India: Present Scenario Of Indian Inflation
202013-14Dr. Gawali S.N.Impact Of The Global Economic Crises On India Economy
212013-14Mr.Jawale S.R.Agricultural Productivity And Backwardness Of Indian Agriculture
222013-14Mr.Jawale S.R.Qualitative Research Methods In Business
232013-14Mr.Jawale S.R.Essentials For A Good Literature Review
242013-14Mr.Jawale S.R.Global Economic Crises And India
252013-14Dr. Bakhale S.R.Challenges Before Indian Economy- Poverty
262013-14Dr. Bakhale S.R.An Assessment of The Small Business Innovation Research Program
272013-14Dr. Ghotekar D.B.Bhartatil Dugdha Vaivasay Sanshodhan Va Vikas Sansthan Pudhil Avhane
282013-14Dr. Ghotekar D.B.Research Methodology: An Introduction
292013-14Mr. Waghmare B. S. & Mr. Devadkar D.GCopyright In India: An Overview
302013-14 Mr.Kalamkar R.P.Report Writing And Presentation Of Business Research
312013-14Mr.More V.M.Tools ICT In Business Research
322013-14Mr.More V.M.IPR In India: An Overview
332013-14Mr.More V.M.Interdisciplinary Business Research
342013-14Miss.Jagtap M.B.Good Research Report Writing
352014-15Prin. Dr Bhor L.D.Branding And Marketing In Global Islamic Perspective
362014-15Prin. Dr Bhor L.D. & Mr. More V.MRoll Of IQAC To Impart Best Practices In Students Supports An Progression
372014-15Dr. Adik B.R.Changing Structure Of Population In Maharashtra
382014-15Dr. Adik B.R. & Miss. Gujar P.S.Water Management In Maharashtra
392014-15Dr. Barhate G.H.Self -Employment In Commerce
402014-15Dr. Barhate G.H.Model Act : Answering Problem Of Agriculture Marketing
412014-15Dr. Barhate G.H.Roll Of FDI In Indian Economic Growth
422014-15Dr. Barhate G.H.Legal Aspect Influencing Employee Job Satisfaction In India And Introductory Approach
432014-15Dr. Barhate G.H.Rural Development Management And Peoples Participation
442014-15Dr. Barhate G.H.Role Of Brand IN Marketing
452014-15Dr. Barhate G.H. & Mr Tupe B GIndian Agricultural price policy
462014-15Dr. Barhate G.H.Status And Importance Of Brand In Context With Online Shopping-A Conceptual Study
472014-15Dr. Gawali S.N.Challenges And Opportunities Of Foreign Direct Investment In Retail Sector In India
482014-15Dr. Gawali S.N.Strategies And Challenges Of Global Branding In Indian Marketing
492014-15Dr. Gawali S.N.Brand Management
502014-15Dr. Gawali S.N.A Study Of Role Of Branding In Marketing
512014-15Dr. Gawali S.N.Higher Education And Carrier Opportunities In Accounting
522014-15Dr. Gawali S.N.Business Research: Key Aspect Of Business Future
532014-15Dr. Gawali S.N.The Foreign Direct Investment In Retail Market In India Challenges And Opportunities
542014-15Dr. Gawali S.N.Talent Management : Opportunities And Challenges
552014-15Dr. Gawali S.N.Impact Of E-Banking On Tradition Banking Services
562014-15Dr. Bakhale S.R.Urbanization And Rural Development
572014-15Dr. Bakhale S.R.Branding: Consumer Relationship And Behaviour
582014-15Dr. Ghotekar D.B.Branding And Indian Dairy Industries
592014-15Mr. Waghmare B.S.Role Of Brand IN Marketing
602014-15Dr. Kalamkar R.P.Strategies Of Branding
612014-15Dr. Devadkar D.T.Destination Branding In India- An Overview
622014-15Mr. More V.M.A SWOT Analysis Of Libreria Software From MKCL: An Overview
632014-15Mr. More V.M.Branding Narendra Modi In Digital Age
642014-15Mr. More V.M.Use Of E-Journals By Faculty Members Of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha Sankul Shrirampur
652014-15Mr. More V.M.Mobile Technology Changing Trends: An Overview
662014-15Mr. More V.M.Librarian As An Information Literacy Promoter In Education
672014-15Mr.Nagpure V.B.Financial Management And Its Features
682014-15Mr.Nagpure V.B.Indian Agricultural Marketing
692014-15Mr.Nagpure V.B.Agriculture Development And Challenges In India
702014-15Dr. Tupe B.G.Agriculture Branding
712014-15Mrs. Gujar P.S.Influence Of Branding On Commodities And Consumers
722014-15Mrs. Gujar P.S.Need Of Strong Policies For Using The Available Ground Water In India
732014-15Jagtap M.B.Importance Of Branding
742014-15Mr. Jadhav S.B.Branding And It's Legislative Protection In India
752014-15Mrs.Salve S.K.Rural Marketing
762015-16Dr. Barhate G.H.Public Sector Banks& Banking Regulations
772015-16Dr. Barhate G.H.Status Of Online Marketing In India
782015-16Dr. Gawali S.N.Green Marketing: Challenges And Opportunities
792015-16Dr. Gawali S.N.Strategies For Empowering Human Resources In Higher Education Institutions
802015-16Dr. Gawali S.N.Resent Trends In E-Trading
812015-16Mr. More V.M.Mobile Computing And Libraries
822015-16Mrs.Salve S.K.E-Retailing In India And Future Scope
832015-16Mrs.Salve S.K.E-Trading: A Scope For Retail Industry
842015-16Khandre S.R.Jagtik Spardhet Bhartiya Arthavyavasthecha Badalta Chehra
852016-17Dr. Barhate G.H.Inflation And Unemployment
862016-17Dr. Barhate G.H.E-Banking In India: 2016 Beyond
872016-17Dr. Barhate G.H.A Review On- E-Banking Services Provided By Nationalized And Private Sector Banks In India
882016-17Dr. Barhate G.H.Economic Growth With Cashless Transaction With Special Reference To Five European Countries
892016-17Dr. Barhate G.H.Financial Inclusion: Solution For Banking Shadow
902016-17Dr. Barhate G.H.An Analytical Study Of Awareness And Perception Towards GST Among Traders In Rural Area
912016-17Dr. Gawali S.N.E-Marketing In India Challenges And Opportunities
922016-17Dr. Gawali S.N.Inflation Impact On Agricultural Sector
932016-17Dr. Gawali S.N.Inflation : F.D.I.
942016-17Dr. Gawali S.N.Inflation & Role Of RBI In Next 5 Years
952016-17Dr. Gawali S.N. Inflation In India Causes And Impact
962016-17Dr. Gawali S.N. Make In India Prospect And Challenges
972016-17Dr. Gawali S.N.Problems And Prospects Of Tourism Industry In India
982016-17Dr. Bakhale S.R.Inflation: Service Sector
992016-17Dr. Bakhale S.R.Digital India
1002016-17Prof .Dr. Ghotekar D.B.Effects Of Inflation On Dairy Industries
1012016-17Prof .Dr. Ghotekar D.B.Rural Entrepreneurship Dairy Business
1022016-17Prof. Waghmare B.S.A Research On Inflation In India Causes And Its Impacts
1032016-17Prof. Bawake B.B.A Comparative Study of Women Characters Depicted In The Booker Prize Winner Indian Novels.
1042016-17Prof. Bawake B.B.Predicament Of Women Characters In Booker Prize Winner In Indian Knowledge
1052016-17Mr. More V.M. Dr. Bhor L.D.Human Right Education Need Of An Hour In Indian Education
1062016-17 Mr. More V.M.Mobile Technologies Changing Trends In Academic Libraries: An Overview
1072016-17Mr. Sayyad S.B. & Dr. Bhor L.D.Impact Of Over Population On India Economy
1082016-17Sayyad S.B. Inflation And Its Impact On Indian Economy
1092016-17Dr. Kalamkar R.P.Performance Evaluation Of The Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation
1102016-17Nagpure V.B.The Study Of Inflation In Indian Economy
1112016-17Mr.Nagpure V.B.A Study Of Recent Tax Development In Indian Tax System
1122016-17Mr.Nagpure V.B.A Study Of The Of Entrepreneurship In Indian Economy
1132016-17Mr.Nagpure V.B.A Study Of Impact Of Demonetisation In Indian Economy
1142016-17Mr. Chandratre Y.V. & Dr. Bhor L.D.Food Inflation In India
1152016-17Mr. Chandratre Y.V. Higher Educational Scenario And Mobile Learning
1162016-17Dr. Tupe B.GFood Price Inflation
1172016-17Mrs. Gujar P.S.Impact Of GST On Indian Economy
1182016-17Mrs. Jagtap M.B.Inflation : Causes And Impact
1192016-17Mrs. Karir M.A.Green consumerism
1202016-17Mrs. Karir M.A. Index of Financial Anclusion in ahmednagar District (M.S)
1212016-17Mrs. Karir M.A.Inflationary Pressure On Indian Economy
1222016-17Mr. Jadhav S.B.Inflation And Victimization Of Indian Society
1232016-17Mrs. Khandre S.R. Food Inflation In India Causes & Trends
1242016-17Mr. Kharadkar U.N.A Review On Inflation In India. Causes, It?s Impact, Trends & Measures To Control
1252017-18Prin. Dr. Bhor L.D. & Dr. Tupe B.G.Analysis Of GST And Impact Of Service And Goods Sector
1262017-18Dr. Barhate G.HInception And Implementation Of GST In India
1272017-18Dr. Barhate G.HTrends In Revenue Income For The State Of Maharashtra
1282017-18Dr. Gawali S.N.GST: Impact And Challenges
1292017-18Dr. Gawali S.N.A Study Of Stress Management Practices Adopted By Policy Personal
1302017-18Dr. Gawali S.N.Prospects And Advantages Of Cashless Economy
1312017-18Dr. Bakhale S.ROne Nation-One Tax(GST)
1322017-18Dr. Ghotekar D.B.GST: Boost The Development Of Indian Economy
1332017-18Dr. Bawake B.BPoliticization Of Goods And Services Tax (GST)
1342017-18Dr. Kalamkar R.PGoods And Service Tax: Worldwide
1352017-18Mr. Nagpure V.B.A Study Of Impact Of GST On Indian Economy
1362017-18Mr. Chandratre Y.V. & Mr. Lande R.D.Cyber Security And Cyber Crime
1372017-18Mr. Ghodke B. GCharitra Vangmay Sankalpana
1382017-18Mr. Ghodke B. GCharitra Vangmayacha Itihas
1392017-18Miss. Jagtap M.B.Goods And Service Tax(GST): Its Advantages And Disadvantages
1402017-18Miss. Khandre S.R.GST Impact On India's Foreign Trade
1412017-18Miss. Salve S.KImpact Of GST On Insurance Industry
1422017-18Mr. Kulkarni S.V.Positive And Negative Impact Of GST On The Business And Consumer
1432017-18Mr. Pawar S.D. & Kharadkar U.N.Impact Of Goods And Service Tax(GST) On Indian Economy
1442017-18Mr. Lande R.D. & Mr. Joshi P.D.GST:- One Tax In One Nation
1452017-18Mr.Sasane S.D. & Mr.Sayyad S.B.Basic Concepts Objectives, Challenges And Benefits Of Goods And Service Tax In India